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We welcome patients of all ages to our comfortable optometry office. Our warm and trusted eye doctor in Bayonne, New Jersey provides personalized optical and medical eye care services to satisfy your family’s needs at any age, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Depending upon your age, lifestyle and overall health, vision care requirements change.

In our friendly eye care clinic, we become familiar with each individual patient in order to customize eye exams and treatment options. Our family eye care services include eye exams for kids and adults, vision correction, management of age-related eye disease, and contact lenses including specialty contacts (such as Rigid Gas Permeable lenses) for hard-to-fit patients. Located conveniently to serve Bayonne residents, we offer hours to suit every family’s schedule.


Here at Elemental Eyecare LLC, we provide a quick and easy eye exam. We conduct a few pre-testing procedures, give you a glasses prescription if needed, and check the health of your eyes. Our Bayonne eye doctor will determine the best treatment if there is any related eye problems.


Our eye care professionals genuinely care about your health and are dedicated to providing exceptional personal service to everyone who walks through our door. Visit us for exceptional eye care.


Blepharitis is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the eyelids caused by an overgrowth of bacteria living along the lid and the base of the eyelashes. Our Bayonne eye doctor can help!

You only have one pair of eyes. Don't underestimate the importance of getting a routine eye exam, whether you need an updated prescription or not. Early detection and management of ocular diseases can prevent complications and serious vision loss down the line. Let the optometric staff at Elemental Eyecare LLC protect you and your family's eye health today.


Dr. Mei Moy OD

Dr. Mei Moy received her BS in Human Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and Doctorate of Optometry from the University of Houston College of Optometry. She completed a residency at the US Department of Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System with a focus on primary care and...

Excellent Vision In 3-Easy Steps At Elemental Eyecare LLC

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First Step:

Book an Appointment.

You can do so online or call us at 551-214-3271 today! Our eye exams will vary from patient to patient, depending on the health of the individual and their visual needs.

Second Step:

Your Comprehensive Eye Exam.

Dr. Mei Moy will determine your prescription for glasses and/or contact lenses and will evaluate your eyes for any eye diseases.

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Third Step:

Contact Lenses Fitting

Interested in contact lenses? Whether this is your first time wearing lenses, or you have been wearing them for years, Elemental Eyecare LLC will assess and update the contact lenses prescription.

For emergency eye care, come immediately to our vision center. Our team is ready to look after your eye care needs at our convenient Bayonne eye care clinic.

We provide both routine eye care and a huge range of optical choices, we accept Medicare and a number of private health insurance plans to help cover the costs.

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Our Patients Say It Best...
Was able to get a same day appointment! The receptionist as well as Dr. Vincente were extremely friendly and thorough. I was able to purchase a 6 month supply of my contacts lenses same day right after my appointment, which was extremely convenient! My previous eye dr’s office always had...
- Mia's Mom - Google review, February 2021
I had a great experience here. Dr. Moy is personable and thorough. I really appreciated how transparent they are with their pricing (it actually ended up being less than I expected), and she confirmed whether I wanted to pay extra for dilation before putting the drops in.
3 weeks ago
- Shelby D.